The pioneers of dance music in the UK are bringing the music industry into the metaverse, trailblazing on the blockchain with an innovative NFT collection that doesn’t skip a beat.

Metabeats is built different—focused on the intersections of digital identities and signature sounds.

Be a part of history in the making and join Metabeats as we empower artists to distribute music, IP rights and elevate fan engagement to a whole new decibel.

1080 Genesis NFTs

Mint Date - 30th August, 2022

Round 1: 1pm EST
Backstage Pass + DMT

Round 2: 1.30pm EST
General Admission (WL) + Studio Partner holders

Public 2.30pm EST

Revolutionizig music culture one NFT at a time

REVOLUTIONIZING music culture one NFT
at a time

For more than two decades now, a group of recording artists have been changing the music landscape. The movement has generated more than $1 billion in single, album and concert sales. Now they want to change the way music is created, funded, promoted, and delivered. Say hello to artist independence and farewell to major label dominance.

It’s no secret that the future is decentralized. That’s why the changemakers behind Metabeats are on a mission to disrupt the music industry once again, giving artists a platform to create the sounds of the metaverse.

Genesis noun
The origin or mode of formation of something.

Metabeats’ Genesis NFT collection is packed with hot beats from Leeroy Thornhill (formerly The Prodigy), Adamski, Bez and Roweta (Happy Mondays), Zed Bias, Dub Pistols, and Mickey Finn, to name a few. Beyond a sound that will get you bumpin’ in the metaverse, the NFT comes with the full transfer of IP rights and exclusive access to artists via the Metabeats Discord.

There will only ever be 1080 Genesis NFTs created. Think of it as an exclusive membership where OG holders are continuously rewarded throughout Metabeats’ journey. This is just the beginning—the mode of formation—and the future is filled with additional artist collaborations which will expand the Metabeats ecosystem.

Sonic Branding

Own your sound.
Be known all around.

We know how the metaverse will look, but how will it sound? It’s the first world where the volume can always be turned up to 11. This creates a new frontier for creators and companies to enter the space with Sonic Branding. A sound you can own, and be known for.  When you own your sound you own everything it represents for those who hear it.  And even we can’t predict the potential of where brands and creators will take that.

Metabeats Studio

Projects and individuals will partner with a collective of musicians to design and produce custom tracks to use as they wish. Everything from gaming tunes, party sounds, and metaverse elevator music are finally something you can brand and own as a project.

  • Curated tracks

  • Community collectibles

  • Music NFT launchpad

  • Revenue sharing for Genesis holders

  • And more!

Some projects we've worked with:


Q2 2022

•  Making history. The Genesis NFT collection drops.
•  Wear it. Show the world that you’re a part of the music revolution with Metabeats merch!
•  IRL events. Personally connect with the artists behind your sound.

Q3 2022

•  Rewarding holders. Airdropping fresh sounds from new artist collaborations.
•  Expanding the Metabeats ecosystem. Growing the artist roster.
•  New Mint: Priority access for Genesis holders.

Q4 2022

•  Elevating the music industry. Metabeats Studio NFT platform goes live!


•   Scratching vinyl on the blockchain. A Metabeats album featuring the artists in the collection.
•   Live and pixelated. Get beamed into incredible concerts within the metaverse.


Leeroy Thornhill

Leeroy has been pushing the boundaries of a beat and a baseline for more than 35 years. Masterfully finding that sweet spot in every facet of his pedigree, he has a pulse on what’s cutting edge, taking raves, rock, and electronic punk to the extreme.

Creating a transcendent experience for people on the dance floor has been a lifelong passion. A goal Leeroy achieved time and time again as one of the founding members of The Prodigy,  DJing all around the world at countless underground clubs and large festivals with Get Hype Records.

In 2020, Leeroy made a pivotal move to take control of his music career and gave fans the opportunity to directly show their support through Bandcamp, an online record store championing artist independence. Driven to revolutionize the music industry, Leeroy is focused on empowering artists to embrace the decentralized spirit of Web3. A shift which will undoubtedly change music as we know it.

Jamie James

DJ, producer, and promoter Jamie James is driven by the thrill of experimentation, carefully constructing sets that infuse elements of the craft he loves best: beautiful synth work, ethereal backdrops, brooding basslines, and the occasional vocal hook. All of it artfully layered on top of a hypnotic foot shuffling beat.

Jamie’s love for music goes beyond the spectrum of mixing tunes. As a founding member of House Jam, he’s no stranger to the chaotic rhythm of the music scene. He has performed at various top-level events and clubs throughout London, including Gardening Club, Eve’s Club, The End and more recently in Bangkok at Mystic Valley, Winter Sensation, Khanom Festival, Live RCA, Beam, Violett, Levels, and Sing Sing Theatre.

Stacey Blizzard

Stacey Blizzard is a global marketing director with over 24 years experience working in many industries from nightlife, FMCG, wearable technology, and slow moving consumer goods where she heads global marketing for a leading Finnish design lifestyle brand. In addition, she also had a stint on the agency side as a global Account Director where she helped to set up a hub in Singapore.

Early in her career she worked in the nightlife industry in Brighton, UK as an Assistant General Manager at a leading nightclub where she collaborated with the club promoters to curate dance music events. Her FMCG experience was with Red Bull, the world renowned energy drink company that pioneered content marketing across music and extreme sports. Stacey spent over 10 years in the UK working with her team on the renowned Red Bull Music Academy which toured London, Glasgow, Manchester, and Birmingham. Her team was also responsible for executing curated RBMA stages at various leading music festivals across the UK. She spent 5 years in Asia as head of regional marketing, and with her country level marketing teams worked on different music and culture concepts such as RBMA, Red Bull Three Style, Red Bull BCONE and various music festivals.

We are excited to have her on board as our marketing consultant for Metabeats and we will be able to tap into her extensive global marketing experience spanning many industries including music and events.

Nathan Lawes

Nathan Lawes has lived and breathed the business of music his entire life. His uncle, Johnny Lawes, was a part of the powerhouse team behind the creation and success of O2 Brixton Academy. Known around the world as one of London’s most iconic music venues, it was home to Britain’s first legal rave in the 1980s. It was here, shaped and influenced by legends, that Nathan gleaned the ins and outs of the music industry.

In April 1999, Nathan became an A&R representative for London-based labels and internationally renowned artists. The following year he transitioned into an Account Manager, planning gigs and album projects, while orchestrating record releases, tours, marketing and merchandising strategies in addition to liaising with labels, producers, agents and promoters.

Nathan launched Small World Management in 2002 and made history when he became one of the youngest managers to sign an artist to a record deal with Virgin for over £1million and negotiated a £500,000 publishing deal with EMI. 

“I’m really looking forward to bringing all my skills and knowledge into the NFT arena and working with the Metabeats team to make this project a huge success.”



How many Genesis NFTs are there?

There are 1080 Genesis NFTs. Metabeats will be reserving 60 for promotional purposes.

When can I mint a Metabeats Genesis NFT?

The mint will be taking place on August 30th. Here are the mint windows:

Backstage Pass - 1 pm EST (2/tx)
General Admission - 3 pm EST (2/tx)
Public - 5 pm EST

How often will Metabeats introduce new artists into the ecosystem?

We’re introducing artists into the Metabeats ecosystem daily and we can’t wait to reveal who’s participating in this revolutionary journey. Creating solid beats takes time, and we trust the process. That’s why we’re committed to rolling out NFTs. 

I'm new to NFTs. How do I mint a Metabeat?

The easiest way is to download Metamask (a decentralized wallet that holds your crypto and NFTs), and then you need to send Ethereum to the Metamask wallet. After that, click the 'MINT' button on our website once and proceed with minting your Metabeats Genesis NFT.

What’s the metaverse?

American sci-fi writer Neal Stephenson minted the term ‘metaverse’ in his 1992 novel Snow Crash, which introduced then-futuristic concepts such as virtual reality and digital currencies. Fast forward 30 years, and we’re watching history in the making as companies, both large and small, make a mad dash to create the best metaverse possible. A decentralized, virtual world on the blockchain which incorporates digital culture through NFTs. We’re starting to see what the metaverse could look like, and Metabeats is at the forefront of what it could sound like.